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Ethernal Mattress


Ethernal Biote Mattress

  • HEIGHT 42 cm !
  • 20-year warranty!
  • Memory over 4cm which self-ventilates, and takes the shape of the body
  • 4 layers up and 4 layers down
  • 3000 Pocket Spring spongy microsprings independent of each other
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41 cm Mattress, with a maximum quality. The perfect mattress for you,for total enjoyment and maximum pleasure. Our mattress Ethernal,has Biorytmic technology .

Technology BIORYTMIC

Adjust the biorhythm of the body!
Communication within our body!
The human body is an amazing mechanism that we have been researching for centuries. This wonderful mechanism is the entire system made up of tissues and organs that are kept alive through a series of chemical and physical phenomena. Having a healthy, synchronized and balanced body is the result of the constant communication that our systems keep up with each other.Feeling sleepy, stressed, tired, and burned out are often signs of a breakdown or poor communication between our body systems.In turn, improved communication between our body systems brings improved results, motivation, focus and enjoyment of life. The communication of the inter-body system is carried out with the meridians of the body. These meridians are the channels of communication found on the surface of the body. A number of alternative healing therapies such as movement therapy, meditation, natural stone therapy and acupuncture have been developed in order to regulate communication within the body. The common premise of each of these methods is to achieve better health, vitality and rejuvenation through optimal communication within the body. As with the practice of acupuncture and stone therapies, the Biorytmic Sleep floor mattress was developed to improve communication and relaxation within the body through the use of special minerals found in nature.
Minerals and the Biorytmic Sleep mattress are flexible
Matress Biorytmic sleep created exclusive to Biote is achieved by connecting several minerals found in nature known for their energy content in a certain geometric composition. Factors such as stress from everyday life, hard work, sleep deprivation, tiredness and fatigue result in numerous communication disorders within the body.Qëllimi i dyshekut Biorytmic Sleep është duke rregulluar komunikimin e varfër brenda trupit që i atribuohet ndonjë prej këtyre shkaqeve gjatë gjumit.
Mineral formulation specifically applied to the mattress Ethernal, which increases the diffusive energy in vibrations that activates the body’s meridians through impulses for a better sleeping environment to improve communication within the body. By helping to relieve stress during sleep and regulate the body’s natural biorhythm, the new sleep biorhythm technology improves relaxation and rejuvenation.
Effects of Biorhythmic Sleep on Ethernal
The effects of the Biorytmic Sleep mattress on stress during and after sleep have been tracked with the EDA (Electrodermal Activity) method. The EDA method has confirmed the effectiveness of this fabric in reducing stress and starting from the stress of the day free of charge.
We are here to make your sleep even better…!



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