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Biote INSPIRATION mattress

  • HEIGHT 39 cm!
  • 15-year warranty!
  • Tech NanoClean (self-cleaning) & Breatheasy (with peppermint aroma)
  • Memory above 4cm which adjusts according to the shape of the body
  • 4 layers up and 4 layers down
  • 2000 Pocket Spring spongy microsprings, independent of each other
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39 cm Mattress, with a maximum quality. The perfect mattress for you, for total relaxation and maximum pleasure. Our INSPIRATION mattress has NANOCLEAN and BREATHEASY Technology

The inspiration has been since its inception the mattress which would bring all the French charm to your bedroom. There is a lot of love in this product, and a very elegant design has been chosen, to maintain the balance between performance and aesthetics, but above all under the harmony of NANO CLEAN and BREATHEASY technology
The height of this mattress is impressive, a full 39 cm, a height that cannot be found anywhere else. This means that your sleep and the experience on the mattress will be unforgettable
39 cm high, unmatched
First, we want to talk about the Memory layer and the BREATHEASY technology included in this mattress. Beyond the coating of the fabric in this mattress, the BREATHEASY technology is also included in the Memory.
Some solutions don’t leave their mark Healthy Breath, Sound SleepBreathing through your nose is essential for healthy breathing. It is important that the functions of the nose are normal for the continuity of breathing. In addition to allowing breathing, the nose is vital because it hydrates and promotes the air that is blown and enables you to taste and enjoy. Pollution and cold weather cause congestion in the nose and increase other similar negative aspects. Nasal congestion is an important factor in the deterioration of the quality of life. When you are not able to breathe through your nose during sleep it leads to open mouth breathing, and increased fatigue, lack of concentration, headaches, chronic fatigue and many similar problems.
Making sure the room remains humid, keeping your head higher than normal when you’re reclining, cleaning your nose with saline before bed, spreading drops of herbal products on your pillow and the collar of your clothes, and applying products on the chest and back are some of the traditional methods used to reduce nasal congestion until now.
Now there is a completely new solution to these problems. Breathe Easy engineered mattress developed by BIOTÉ’s technological team is the new supporter of sound sleep and healthy living with an innovative technology.

How does BREATHEASY work?
Breathe Easy tic-tac-toe mattress or developed by BiotÉ is a brand new alternative for solving these problems that occur during sleep. With microcapsule technology within the Breathe Easy fabric structure, the product ensures healthy breathing and a perfect sleeping experience. Natural eucalyptus and menthol aroma encapsulated in microcapsules during sleep reduces nasal congestion and the resulting problems that come with it.

NANOCLEAN technology
Self cleaning naturally Inspired by nature
Lotuses and wings of flight are always clean. Water drops and dust do not stick to their surface. This natural non-sticking and cleaning process is permanently transferred to the surface of the textile by means of nanotechnology. This phenomenon is called “nanoclean” or in other words self-cleaning effect. Inspired by the water lily and bee wings, BiotÉ focuses on self-cleaning fabric. Nanoclean is a self-cleaning, ecologically sound, multi-functional sleep solution. Nanoclean complies with the Bluesign® standard and will not harm human health or the environment in any way.
Nanoclean mattress benefits targeting

• It does not adversely affect feel, stack, appearance, flexibility or airflow functions.

•Supports the environment by minimizing the need to wash frequently; saving on water, energy and detergent.

• Nanoclean helps textiles to be more durable and last longer.

• Nanoclean is abrasion and pressure resistant yet does not compromise comfort, feel, flexibility or free airflow.

• Nanoclean moisture and oil moisture lasts for a long time. Ketchup, coffee, honey, red wine and many other materials are easily cleaned from the structured nano mats.

• The protective properties of Nanoclean remain active even after multiple washings.

•Nanoclean does not require the use of softeners.

• Ironing improves the performance of Nanoclean.

Our researchers have also taken the aesthetic appearance into consideration. They have designed and adapted tiny fibers known as “nano-whiskers” that are only 1/1000 the width of a human hair. These are attached to the individual threads that make up the fabric.
They act as a protective shield on the fabric because the substances stick to and are removed from them before they transfer to the fabric itself, allowing it to repel stains. The Memory Montpellier Mattress is also equipped with a nano-technology surface so that the mattress is not only softer and more comfortable for your body, but also easier to clean.
NASA needed a material strong enough but also light enough to handle the elements that would be exerted on equipment from Earth in space orbit, and of all the materials available they chose nano-carbon tubes, the same substance used in a BIOTÉ NANOCLEAN mattress.
The more you learn about nano-mattresses, the more you’ll want to replace your old, dirty mattress. And if you ask more for that old mattress you have you will become even more eager to upgrade.
The traditional mattress uses what is known as a “Bonnell coil”, which was adapted directly from 19th century Europe. It has almost nothing to do with the human body and sometimes causes side effects, as anyone who has woken up with a painful injury can attest.
But now you have amazing modern materials like NANOCLEAN and BREATHEASY that can resist stains, conform to your body more effectively than any other substance, and won’t break down, get dirty, or do other damage.



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