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The Biote Company has had on its focus, research, development and meeting the demands of each of its customers, achieving the highest results and meeting the needs of customers. Biote has been operating on the market for years to achieve all consumer needs in a sector where the attention and need to the consumer deserves a special dedication. The spectrum of Biote products is always on the rise, prioritising customer demands and offering our products in every corner of Albania.


Our mattress is the best on the market. Rich in Aloe Vera, the latest technology is masterfully suited to each of our products. Their thickness is record on the market, the best materials, the latest technology, Memory. Our products fit with your physionomine for a more comfortable sleep and most importantly a healthy sleep.


Our accessory is designed to be in harmony with our products, but above all to offer a comfortable sleep. Memory pillows, make your neck stand by all medical suggestions, and at the same time preserve a comfort you’ve never tried. The layers on your mattress, with fibers and materials that keep you from all bacteria and make you gesticude a full health. Our organs, they’re the best in the international markets. Very accessory, which your house always needs

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As part of its policy, the Biote Company also has the ability for its customers to make extraordinary offers to its customers at certain times up to 50% of the cost of products. Moreover, in numerous offers, Biote has offered gift set  the duvet , protective and pillowy layers for occasional purchases, or for its lucky customers. One of them can be you !!!


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